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Welcome to the Fullfitnez review of the Linkwitz Marathon Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Sports Headphones. I have owned a pair for about a year now and use them regularly 3 to 4 times each week for over an hour a time on visits to the gym.

I use them primarily during weight training but also for running outside and on treadmills and whilst cycling.

The product comes nicely packaged in a box pretty much equal in quality to one you’d expect from any top electronics brand and contains the headphones themselves, fitted with foam pads, a set of replacement foam pads, a Micro USB charging cable, a padded and robust, compact zip-up carry case with separate storage for the USB cable and spare foam pads plus instructions.

The headphones are priced very reasonably just at £24.99 at and $29.99 at

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With the purchase of the headphones, the manufacturer also offers;

  • 35-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 12-Month Replacement Warranty
  • 7/24 Online Customer Service

If you enjoy listening to music whilst you exercise and want to learn more about the benefits of this read the Fullfitnez article Does Music Help With Exercise?

In all the time I have owned LinkWitz Wireless Headphones they haven’t let me down once, which cannot be said for other similar priced sports headphones I have owned. Below are some of the headphones main features.

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  • Industry leading Bluetooth Version 4.1; An advanced Bluetooth CSR 8635 chipset provides fast transmission and lower latency.
  • Wireless range up to 10m (33ft). Enjoy skip-free music and phone calls.
  • Easily and quickly pair with smartphones, tablets, TVs and all other Bluetooth-enabled music devices within 33feet range.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Series, Sony Xpeira, Google Nexus, Android Phones, Tablets and more.
  • Lightweight and completely sweat-proof; LinkWitz Wireless Sports Headphones are reliable and durable, sweat and splash-proof.
  • Comfortable secure fit; The wireless design eliminates troublesome wires tangling or flapping around when participating in any form of exercise, and the headphones provide a snug and very secure and comfortable fit even for long periods never falling from your head.
  • Hi-Fi stereo CD quality audio delivers crystal clear stereo sound with well-defined bass and treble.
  • Built In Noise-Canceling high-sensitivity microphone ensures clear sound during phone calls and high-definition output.
  • Long battery life from a superior lithium polymer battery allowing continuous play of music for up to 12 hours or 13.5 hours talk time and a quick charge time of only 2.5 hours. Standby charge time of 120 hours.

Below I’ll talk about aspects of the LinkWitz Wireless Sports Headphones that have impressed and matter to me the most.

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These are very practical headphones which you could literally wear for any exercise or activity, they don’t budge when you’re wearing them unless you knock them.

You could hang upside down and shake your head and they’d likely still stay in place so they’re ideal to wear for anything from housework to rock climbing.

I’ve owned and worn a few different pairs of sports headphones in the past and none have come close to these for their wear-ability and the most basic function of a sports headphone and for me that’s to stay in place and almost not be noticed (apart from the music they play!) and the LinkWitz Wireless Sports Headphones achieve both.

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Comfort and Fit

As mentioned, the headphones fit nicely but they are also comfortable and secure. There really is minimal discomfort with these if any and there is certainly no annoying adjustment issues mid-workout like you’ll likely get with some other headphones.

This is down to the over-ear headphones and behind the neck cable design which is quite strong. This coils the headphones when they’re not worn and lends itself to how the headphones store away in the case in such a compact way.

The cable runs behind the neck with each headphone hooking over the ears with the cable wanting to coil up but in doing so securing the headphones tightly but comfortably against the ears.

I wear these headphones for roughly 1.5 hours a time and rarely experience any discomfort and that could be during weight training, running or cycling.

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Battery Life

There is not much to say here but the battery life of the LinkWitz Wireless Headphones is superb.

The manufacturers state there’s 12 hours of continuous music play in these but I’d be willing to bet there is more. I go 2-3 weeks without a single charge. That’s 3-4 workouts a week and about 1.5 hours of use each time, giving me somewhere in the region of 13.5-18 hours of battery life.

That is such a good attribute for a sports headphone eliminating the need to have to remember to charge before every one or two workouts.

The headphones charge up quickly and even if I don’t have the time to wait the full 2.5 hours for a full charge, a quick plug in to the car phone charger for 10-15 minutes will see me though a workout. The battery life for these headphones can’t be faulted in my opinion.

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They come with a decent and tough little zip-up case that has a soft but tough exterior and padded inside which has a mesh pouch to neatly pack away the Micro USB charging cable and spare foam ear pads.

My case with headphones inside withstands being thrown in my gym bag along with my other kit and protects the headphones continually. The zip on the case is still going strong and shows no sign of weakness. It also doesn’t snag on the interior of the case lining.

The same quality can be said of the mesh compartment and I haven’t reached the stage where it’s time to use the replacement foam ear pads so they are also up to the task of regular and hot and sweaty gym use.

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Final Verdict

Just before I finish with my verdict I have to mention the only downside to these headphones can be their noise cancellation ability. They rest on the ear and not over or encasing it so in a very noisy gym with very loud music blasting for example, this can begin to overpower the headphones sound and spoil your enjoyment of them a little but that’s not entirely the headphones fault.

Making phone calls is something I don’t use these headphones for but I have answered a few using them and this function works well and the quality of the call is very clear.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Linkwitz Marathon Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Sports Headphones, they’re priced very competitively and I’m sure you could pay a lot more and get a much lesser product. With that they come with a 35-Day Money Back Guarantee, 12-Month Replacement Warranty and 7/24 Online Customer Service.

They’re tough and robust and splash and sweat resistant and are lightweight and comfortable. You won’t notice you’re wearing them when you’re engrossed in your workout and they won’t let you down by running out of battery power.

Would I buy another pair? Yes, definitely. You can get yours at and

I hope this review of the Linkwitz Marathon Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Sports Headphones has given you the information you were looking for if you were already considering buying them.

I’d be interested to hear any comments or questions you have about these headphones or review. Do you also own a pair of Linkwitz Wireless Headphones? Let me know, and give me your opinion on them in the thoughts section below.

4 thoughts on “Linkwitz Headphones

  1. Hello Chris!
    Nice site you’ve got here. Thanks for the valuable information about these headphones. I lift as well and have thought about getting something like these.
    Sweat-proof is the phrase I was looking for! 🙂 That would definitely be my #1 priority when getting a product like this to use during workouts. Glad to know they stay on your head as well with all the movements and sitting vs. standing vs. lying down for different exercises.
    I love how specific your review became in the later sections like Storage. Great little details to know that I think a lot of people might leave out.


    1. Hello Ben, thank you for taking the time to write your comment and glad you like the site.

      I would recommend these headphones as you can probably tell and as I’m very familiar with them, wanted to write as much about my experience of them as possible and include all the points I find good about them.

      Thanks again.

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for such a great review.
    I love the detail and it seems like you’ve tested the headphones extensively.

    Appreciate all the information.

    1. Hello. Thank you for your comment and I’m glad you liked the review and appreciate the information.

      I have tested the headphones extensively. I own a pair and use them 4-5 times a week.

      Thanks again.

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