Reebok YourFLEX 8 – My Experience

Reebok YourFLEX Grey 3

Welcome to my review of the Reebok YourFLEX Train 8.0 training shoe. I’ll be reviewing the mens shoe but I imagine the women’s shoe is most probably identical so this should hopefully provide equal value to potential buyers of both versions.

I’ve picked this particular shoe to review due to having owned two pairs for the past 9-12 months. I bought the first pair for just under £30. Initially I was that impressed I deceided to quickly buy a second pair just in case Reebok stopped producing them.

The good news is these shoes are still available so you can still buy yourself a pair right now despite them having been around for a few years already. Reebok are now producing the YourFLEX 11 so I believe it says a lot about the YourFLEX 8 to still be able to buy it.

Reebok YourFLEX Grey 8

Product – Reebok YourFLEX 8 Train 8 Training/Running Shoe

Price – £33.00 / $29.99

Gender – Male / Female (Childrens sizes also available in the latest version)

Available Sizes – 3 to 13

Available Colours – Multiple including Blue/Dark Blue, Grey/Light Grey, Grey/Yellow, Grey/Red, Black/Pink, Black/Grey, Black/Black.


The Reebok YourFLEX 8.0 Train is a low cost running and fitness training shoe that’s lightweight and incorporates Reebok’s Memory Tech Massage memory foam insole that is removable and provides superior interior cushioning in addition to the out sole and also Rebook’s Microweb lightweight breathable but durable upper material incorporated in to the toe and mid section of the design.

At the rear there’s a padded ankle that also provides decent support and the shoe laces up and loosens off quickly with its effective quick lace design. The Flexsole with horizontal and vertical flex groves and mid sole cradle provide comfort, support and flexibility with excellent grip that’s enhanced by the coloured carbon rubber inserts.

Reebok YourFLEX Grey 4

Reebok YourFLEX Grey & Blue 1


This shoe looks like it’s going to perform well on the road and in the gym, and as well as the price and looks is what attracted me to them firstly. When I first tried them on I felt quite elevated, and more so than the out sole would suggest from its appearance. I think a reasonable amount of that comes from the insole.

Reebok YourFLEX Grey 7

When you put the shoe on it feels very comfortable, stable and supportive and when ran in this feeling remains. Other shoes have often given me the feeling of my toes being stubbed at times but I haven’t experienced that with the YourFLEX 8.0. There is a decent amount of space in the front foot area.

They provide excellent cushioning and energy return with a tight bounce felt in each step, and they feel pretty firm but far from uncomfortable which is probably what I love most about this shoe and so far every time I’ve put them on they feel new. They don’t seem to be loosing any of that cushioning quality quickly.

The lacing system very quickly tightens and adjusts to your liking and I never find myself having to stop because of undone laces. The laces also loosen off just as quickly and easily as they tighten which is another great feature as you don’t have to wrestle with them to prepare them for their next session.


The YourFLEX 8.0 is a very comfortable shoe. I train all the time in mine and I’ve never blistered or experienced any discomfort whilst wearing them since the first time. To put this in context, I should have probably bought a half size bigger than I did to allow for extra space when running, so with thick sport socks they’re a little snug so I took to wearing thinner trainer socks (the below ankle ones) that offer a less protection and still didn’t get any blisters.

Reebok YourFLEX Blue 2

The Memorytech Massage removable insole is an excellent feature and provides extra shock absorption for your joints. The many nodes on the insole that the soles of your feet rest directly on also provide a small amount of massage quality. This is something that I felt added extra value I wouldn’t usually get with shoe of this price.

Reebok YourFLEX Grey 12

To run in they feel great and they’re also very comfortable for walking in too. Although I save mine for the gym I do occasionally enjoy wearing them out to the supermarket or doing the school run. If I were to spend a day sightseeing for example, these shoes would be perfect for the job.

Durability and Quality

I have to say The Reebok YourFLEX 8.0 Train has proven to be a reliable and durable shoe for me so far. The main upper material stays remarkably clean and doesn’t seem to allow dirt to stain. The exterior heel area however is more susceptible to this being constructed of a jersey material but with that said mine are staying pretty mark free.

Reebok YourFLEX Grey & Blue 2

What’s great is that the white out sole edges just simply wipe clean which is something all other white soled training shoes I’ve owned has NEVER been possible with. They get dirty and that’s it but not with the YourFLEX 8.0.

OK as I mentioned I do own two pairs but I alternate them between workouts so each pair get plenty of use and although they don’t get muddy or wet I’m past the ‘careful I mustn’t get my new trainers dirty’ stage so they’re subjected to what ever I put them through be it weights, treadmill rowing or cycling and neither pair have any weak points (And that’s 2 pairs remember). There’s no damage, tears or loose parts on the upper from being snagged. The laces are intact and there’s no bobbling anywhere.

Reebok YourFLEX Blue 5

For me the YourFLEX 8.0 are proving to be more than their moneys worth so far and they have a lot of life left in them. In terms of quality and durability they’ve been faultless so far.

Design and Appearance

As I mentioned I really liked the appearance of these shoes with the two-tone colour schemes and contrasting materials used for the front and rear upper which is separated by the ribbon style lace loops in the mid section.

I’m not a huge fan of big logo’s but I’m comfortable with the branding on the outer side. I like how Reebok have put the shoes name on the inner side and in my opinion they’re justified in letting people know what that is.

The white sole which features on most of the colour schemes I think goes well with most and adds a nice contrast but there are versions with black soles available.

Reebok YourFLEX Blue 1

Reebok YourFLEX Blue 3


I have to recommend these shoes as definite consideration if you’re in the market for a low priced high quality recreational training shoe.

In all honesty my love for them has inspired this review but they are worth telling people about. It’s a shame they may not be around much longer.

With anything we purchase we never really know what it’s going to be like and with shoes that’s definitely the case for everyone until we’ve spent enough time wearing them but I’m very glad I bought these.

I’d happily part with the cash to own another pair and my experience of them would influence me to consider buying a more updated version.

I hope this Reebok YourFLEX Train 8.0 review has offered you the insights you were looking for if you were already considering buying a pair and if not, hopefully it has given you another option to consider for your next pair of training shoes.

I’d be interested to hear any comments or questions you have about this shoe or review. Do you also own a pair of Reebok YourFLEX 8.0? Let me know, and give me your opinion in the thoughts section below.

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