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Just as the world of fitness evolves so does the way we shop for all our fitness products and equipment. The fitness superstore so to speak has well and truly established itself online but in the form of an array of e-commerce based businesses in serious competition with the big players selling high-end merchandise and specialising in their many fields from clothing, equipment and safety products, to training aids, health and fitness trackers and workout programs. You’ll still find the brick and mortar out-of-town fitness warehouses but these days, fitness online is where it’s at.


Fitbit is the fitness and footstep tracking giant. Fitbit stays relevant with its small but well-organised range of fitness trackers and watches which are among the very best on the market. They keep faithful customers returning and entice new ones with their attractive designs and creative, stats heavy app that is used in conjunction with their devices to enable monitoring of not just fitness, but general health and nutrition.

Fitbit offer 2 smartwatches, 5 fitness trackers (one for children), accessories in the form of interchangeable straps for their devices, headphones, smart scales and an additional coach training app.

View the Fitbit range at thier or stores


Fitbit realised that sensor and wireless technology had advanced to the point that they would combine to two to create amazing experiences to fitness and health. Theirs designs fit seamlessly in to everyday life allowing anyone to achieve whatever fitness goal they have and live a healthier more active lifestyle. Visit Fitbit

Fitbit controls 15% of the fitness wearable market which is worth an estimated $8.3 billion dollars worldwide. Fitbit was released in 2007.

Gym Shark

Gym Shark is a complete mens and womens fitness apparel brand and is attracting attention like Jaws! They manufacture and sell contemporary and innovative highly functional fitness gear and accessories including equipment, bags, drinks flasks & bottles and even phone cases.

In their collection are base layers, bottoms, hoodies & jackets, shorts, stringers (Gym Shark for vests), tanks, t shirts & tops, sports bras & underwear and even swimwear. There’s no gym kit they don’t do.

On their website, search by clothing category and filter by colour. You can also search via their uniquely named collections each offering a different style but still incorporating the same high standard of practical qualities.

Gym Shark are the in trend fitness superstore being based in the United Kingdom and are supported by millions of highly engaged social media followers and customers in 131 countries. Gym Shark say ‘We exist to create the tools that help people unlock their full, incredible potential and put their ideas into action.


Gym Shark are also online-to-offline experts hosting their own pop-up shops which include meet-and-greets with some of the most popular fitness experts and influencers, allowing customers and fans to purchase their products in real life bridging the online and physical worlds and creating customer experiences that cannot be achieved online alone. Visit Gym Shark

Women’s Best

Women’s Best specialises in supplements and vitamins for women. Their products contain all essential nutrients and ingredients to support the female diet and in particular, a female fitness based lifestyle. Recommended daily intakes on their products refer to female related needs. Women’s Best products are optimized for the female body which really separates them from the crowd.

On their website you can find a vast selection of high quality health and fitness nutrition products including protein shakes & powders, supplements, snacks, super foods, capsules and bundle buys. You can shop by goal be it weight loss, healthy eating, muscle building or beauty and they also have gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian and vegan selections. If you’re a student and can verify your student details you’ll be able to take advantage of their excellent 20% student discount. Buy Women’s Best Products at

Women’s Best have established a number of different online storefronts around the globe with US, UK, Canadian, Australian, German, French, Italian and Polish websites. Supporting their huge social following, many of those countries also have a Women’s Best Instagram account in their native language as well as separate accounts for recipes, reviews and beauty as well as a ‘TV’ account on which they only post videos. Visit Women’s Best


Xenith is an online American football equipment superstore selling helmets, shoulder pads, apparel and accessories allowing customers to customise practically every aspect of their gear. On their website you can decide the colour of your helmet, choose your style of face mask, the colours of the chin straps, cups, and sleeves.

Beyond colours and shapes, Xenith is revolutionising the way American football protects its players and after 10 years of being in the business continues to obsess over safety and innovation in all their products. Visit their website to see creative explanations and animations of how their products auto-adjust providing a custom fit for every customer.

Most importantly their industry-leading helmet design and construction in terms of safety sets Xenith apart with each helmet incorporating an internal suspension system that moves with the wearers head, not with the hit. This technology provides separation from the impact applied to the helmet, redirecting and reducing linear and rotational forces players are subjected to.


Xenith also run a superb reconditioning service for customers helmets providing everything you’d need to get your helmet to them to undergo their rigorous process which includes a complete disassembly, test and examination of all components, re-build of the helmet and replacement of any defective components, sand and re-buff, sanitation, re-test and return!

Find Xenith Products on and

From their website, their origin is summed up as follows. ‘Xenith was founded in 2006 by Vin Ferrara, a former Harvard quarterback and Columbia University MD. After several head injuries during his football career, he believed that there had to be a better way to make a football helmet. After spending three years on research and development, Xenith launched its first helmet in 2009 and is now worn by hundreds of thousands of players across the globe – from the youth level to the pros’. Xenith mean business.

Interestingly on their website you’ll also find video blogs focusing on a number of American high school football teams’ on their season journeys. Visit Xenith

310 Nutrition

Through the use of their products 310 Nutrition say you will benefit from unrivaled, delicious weight loss as they provide unmatched healthy weight loss solutions. These include their flagship meal replacement shakes that have not only helped people achieve their weight loss goals but surpass them, by enabling them to also maintain long term weight control.

310 Nutritions weight loss products are made with nourishing ingredients that also help to cleanse and detoxify your body, increase energy levels, boost metabolism and suppress appetite to keep you full and satisfied for longer.

On their website shop you’ll find their signature sugar free Meal Replacement Shakes made from plant based proteins to optimise weight loss at just 90 calories per serving in a number of different flavours. They are gluten, soy and dairy free, each contain 20 different vitamins and minerals and are probiotic to support your digestion, immune system, gut and overall health and include 1 billion CFU in each shake serving. They’ve also added a super food greens blend to each shake to give you vital antioxidants and back to that protein content, it’s made up of their heavily researched Tri-Plex Formula containing pea, brown rice and hemp proteins. Recent studies have shown that this type of plant based protein further aide weight loss. Visit 310 Nutrition’s store at

310 Nutrition

You’ll also find much more in the form of weight loss supplements, Detox Teas, Lemonade Mixes and bundles like their Shake On The Go, Shake And Lemonade Starter Kit and their Try It All Kit.

They also have a number of Lifestyle System kits including their Try It All Kit, Complete Detox Kit, Lifestyle Starter Kit and Meal Prep Bundle.

Add to this over a million social media followers across Facebook and Instagram, 310 Nutrition have built a thriving online community helping and supporting their customers through their weight loss campaigns. Recipes posted on their website and Q&As; with nutritionists on Facebook allow members to feel like they are fully supported and empowered to make healthier decisions.
In addition, 310 Nutrition’s website and social media accounts are full of user-generated content; stories, testimonials, and before and after photos to support it all. Visit 310 Nutrition

MMA Warehouse/

MMA Warehouse is a mixed martial arts online fitness superstore specialising in robust high-performance apparel for athletes training and competing in the MMA disciplines.

With their best-selling products being numerous their martial arts gi’s, belts, rash guards, grappling shorts and compression wear MMA Warehouse/ is one of the most popular sites to get your fight gear from. They also have a selection of head guards, pads and gloves and you can also get plenty of their branded t-shirts, hoodies, track bottoms and hats and some pretty cool ‘Hypnotik’ sports bags big enough to get plenty of kit in. Visit the Hypnotik store at


Quality is what you get with Hypnotik. Backing up their gear there is ‘Team Hypnotik’ lead by their franchise fighter Gordon Ryan, an American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and ADCC world champion, IBJJF Nogi world champion and a four-time Eddie Bravo Invitational champion and still only 23 years of age. On their website they have a total of 25 sponsored highly experienced career MMA athletes, both male and female and all specialists in their crafts, many of whom are UFC veterans having achieved similar accolades of their own. Visit MMA Warehouse/Hypnotik

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels is the fitness experts fitness expert and has dominated the health and fitness arena with hit televisions shows, massively successful fitness DVDs, and her exercise streaming platform, the ‘Netflix’ of fitness with its compilation of workouts featuring the best trainers. She has 8 New York Times best-selling books, an award-winning podcast, hosts live speaking engagements, an App that provides personal training and nutrition plans, popular social media channels and her personal website. From all this she has built an international following of over 100 million people.

Jillian Micheals has re-launched, and re-engineered the accompanying app which has achieved Best of 2017 Award Winner accolades on Apple App store and Google Play Store. The app allows users to train with Jillian both in preset and dynamic workouts and includes a “Private Club” for members to stream live workout sessions with her. It also provides the user with 50 personalised workout and nutrition plans and content is consistently being added.

Jillian Micheals My Fitness App 2

With personal fitness, motivation is half the battle but if you’re a trainer, keeping your followers and clients motivated, especially in the beginning is another test entirely. Jillian Michael s successfully does this by incentivising app users, rewarding them with badges for completed workouts and successfully completing their goals. After receiving the initial badges users are kept progressing by gaining new badges regularly for other challenges, completed workouts and goals. There are also other incentives and prizes for creating groups and competing with other users.

Jillian Micheals My Fitness App

Jillian’s outstanding success and special connection with her audience is a result of her own journey toward health and happiness. Jillian’s passion for fitness stems from its transformative powers of which she has had personal experience of. As a child she was overweight and became a practitioner of martial arts training for 17 years in Muay Thai and Akauri-Do, in which she holds a black belt. She also has two personal training certificates from the National Exercise Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). She is also a certified in Kettlebell Concepts and is a nutrition and wellness consultant with the American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA). Jillian also created JILLIAN MICHAELS BODYSHRED™, an ongoing education program for trainers and an intense group fitness class for enthusiasts that is taught in gyms across the United States and Canada. Visit

Also Find Jillian Michaels at and

Mava Sports

Mava Sports specialise in performance sports recovery garments and aid and compression wear and supply pro-athletes, champions, and fitness enthusiasts a-like who count on Mava Sports for impeccable performance. Their products are designed to help with longer training times, reduction in fatigue, elimination of pain, recovery acceleration and injury prevention.

Mava Sports
Mava Sports 2

Part of their long term aim is to continue to engineer and design products that revolutionise and advance athletic performance incorporating qualities to ensure safe and efficient training.

Mava Sports products include joint and wrist supports, knee and elbow supports, an array of safety workout gloves, kinesio tape, resistance bands and foam rollers and mens and womens compression gear for the entire body. Visit the Mava Sports store at or

Mava Sports are expanding in over 7 global markets, with over 500,000 clients worldwide. Visit Mava Sports


NOBULL produce and sell premium quality sports and fitness apparel with a no fuss attitude. They have a large selection of mens and womens fitness clothing that will not only perform to the highest standards but last you many a workout. Here’s how they describe their brand; ‘NOBULL is a footwear, apparel and accessory brand for people who train hard and don’t believe in excuses. If you think gimmicks in your shoes make you a better athlete, NOBULL is not for you.

Their products reflect their attitude too being made from high quality materials and many through handmade processes. Their gear has a minimal and robust style and is built to last, for example their ‘lifters’ weightlifting shoe range which undergoes a handmade construction with up to 3 hours of that being spent on each stacked leather heel that is made from individually cut layers, bonded, waxed, finished and buffed for smooth, beautiful contours that reveal the materials natural grains. Visit the NOBULL store or find NOBULL at


The theme continues with their clothing colour schemes being attractive neutral tones that aren’t looking to grab any old gym goers attention. With that said there are more than enough choices for any devoted NOBULL devotee to build a substantial kit collection from.

Wither their products being in such demand NOBULL have devised an interesting selling point via their ‘Launch Calendar’ on which they regularly sell out from their trademark midnight product launches. This is a way they allow their most loyal customers to get what they want, when it’s hotter than hot. Visit NOBULL


Custom made mouth guards online? This is what GuardLab do. GaurdLab produce a range of mouth guards for any sport you could possibly need one for and are partners with professional athletes and major sporting leagues including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLL and NCAA. They are also an official licensed partner of UFC.


GuardLab use 3D technology and 3D printing to create premium mouth guards that are accurate and comfortable, and the most scientifically advanced. Their latest APEX Lite™ Guard has been created using thousands of digital scans to find the optimal shape and size of a properly fitted mouth guard. Using this data they created a digital tooth mold used to pre-indent each guard. Combined with TRAUMASHIELD™ and full customization control, the APEX Lite™ is the first “Semi-Custom” guard on the self-fit market. Visit the GuardLab store

GuardLab Home Kit

Their ARC-Pro Guard is one of the most scientifically advanced mouth guards on the planet, engineered to align the jaw to improve overall posture and alignment by balancing the muscles of the head and neck and removing compensation and adaptation of muscles and is available in both upper and lower jaw variants. There is also their PRO Guard and Recovery Guard (also available in upper and lower jaw variants).

You can get your GuardLab mouth guard by booking a 3D scan at one of there 27 US and Canadian locations via their website or order a home ‘Boil And Bite’ kit to customise your fit at home. You can also customise your guard design on their website using their design generator. Choose your colour, image, use custom text or upload images, use clipart and even add emoji’s fangs and backgrounds. Visit GuardLab


Fabletics was launched by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg with Kate Hudson after they saw a gap in the women’s activewear marketplace. The athletic and leisure brand offers customers a VIP membership which gets them curated monthly outfit choices at a reduced cost.

Fabletics uses customer information to project inventory. As a new member you’ll be asked seven targeted questions about your lifestyle and style preferences, and over time Fabletics uses the answers as well as past purchase information as predictors. Fabletics is then able to personalise outfits combinations and products for each member.

Inovatively, by using their collected online data, Fabletics enhances their offline experience for customers. They’ve developed “omnicart” technology which allows their stores to see what members have already put in their online carts but not purchased and are then able to offer the member the option to try any of those items on in store! Conversely, if a customer is unsure of an item they have found in store, Fabletics can add it to their online account for future purchase.


At Fabletics you’ll find a huge selection of fitness and activewear under the categories of outfits, bottoms, tops, sports bras, plus sizes and accessories. Outfits are further sub-categorised in to yoga & studio, running and gym & workout. Under bottoms, there are leggings, crops, pants, shorts and skirts. Tops; capris, tanks, short sleeved, long sleeve, vests and jackets. High, medium and low impact sports bras. Seven pages worth of plus-size clothing choices! And in their accessories section, bags, hats & hair options, scarfs & wraps and socks & underwear. A truly huge selection throughout their website making Fabletics a truly modern day fitness superstore. The have websites catering for a number of global regions. Visit Fabletics

The Future

So, the fitness superstore is ever evolving as new ways to shop for fitness gear and sell to customers are constantly being developed. New products and technological improvements in fitness clothing and equipment are constantly being created making the fitness lifestyle ever more interesting and exciting and there’s no slowing down. This is just a selection of the very best fitness brands shaping and leading the way fitness becomes and remains a part of our lives.

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