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NFC San Fran

The fitness industry is seriously big business and It could simply never have ever evolved in the way it has without gyms. Today gyms are easily found in every city, town, university, college and school and many other places the world over. For exercise lovers, fitness freaks and gym junkies a-like, this is something they couldn’t be more happy with and the culture is becoming evermore popular. This is the first article in a series in which I’m going to talk about and review some of the world’s best gyms. Unique fitness mecca’s that sadly are not found in every city, but are examples of what can be achieved.

NFC Court, San Francisco

National Fitness Campaigns The Fitness Court is in their own words, the best-in-class outdoor body weight circuit training system, the world’s best gym and If you have ever been to one of their locations you would need a strong argument to deny that claim.

The Fitness Court is an outdoor body weight circuit training system designed for people of all ages and abilities. Each Fitness Court is integrated with shock-resistant sports flooring and comprises bespoke exercise stations that allow for up to 28 individuals to use the court at the same time. NFC Court San Francisco is located on Marina Drive in the Marina District. A superb venue with views of the San Francisco Bay, The Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.

7 Movements In 7 Minutes

NFC State ‘National Fitness Campaign’s outdoor body weight circuit-training system features a series of full-body exercises that can be completed in just seven minutes. 7 Movements in 7 Minutes is a simple yet powerful workout created for a range of athletic abilities, and is optimally performed on The Fitness Court. Developed by experts in the field of fitness, each exercise takes 45 seconds, with a 15-second interlude between sets, and is shown to burn more calories per minute than most other forms of exercise’.

NFC San Fran 1

The Fitness Court accommodates fitness skill levels and abilities of all ages from beginner to expert and each piece of equipment allows users to leverage their body weight at different angles to achieve different levels of resistance and each is specifically designed to be used as a tool to improve individual strength and fitness over time.

In addition to The Fitness Courts 7 Movements in 7 Minutes training system The Fitness Court can be used in an almost unlimited amount of ways and variations giving participants endless possibilities for custom movements and routines.

On top of all of this The Fitness Court is based outside so the benefit of fresh air every time you visit for a workout is always there. I would definitely encourage you to visit The Fitness Court San Francisco if you are able to, or visit their website to find out more about the National Fitness Campaign and thier many locations. Visit The Fitness Court

NFC San Fran 2

The Nationional Fitness Campaign has been dedicated to helping people fund, build and activate communities with their world’s-best outdoor gym and envisage a goal of lifelong fitness for people of all ages.

The Fitness Court was invented by NFC Founder Mitch Menaged in San Francisco in 1979, with the simple goal of encouraging healthy lifestyle. By 1990, The National Fitness Campaign had expanded to over 4,000 communities and raised over $100 million in the US, Canada and Australia.

In 2012, Menaged returned to San Francisco to reinvent NFC for the 21st century, and to build the world’s best outdoor gym integrated with a digital ecosystem in the form of their very own App to support healthy living. In 2018, a new Campaign launched in 100 cities across the United States. NFC has big goals! By 2021, the Campaign will be operating in over 1,000 cities and colleges.

Das Gym, Vienna

Das Gym, located at Handelskai 340 1020 Wein Vienna is a gym that is more than serious about weightlifting and is fast en-route to becoming Europe’s answer to Muscle Beach. This place is expertly built and designed for the purpose and not only that, the team behind it have incorporated a huge amount of innovation that you simply will not find anywhere else in the world, and this is well reflected in their motto ‘Intelligent Strength’.

Dedicated to the discipline of strength and body building, Das Gym is among the world’s best gyms and offers superb training facilities and training areas tailored to these forms of fitness including, powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding, kettlebell, strongman, grip strength, calisthenics and a ‘green area’ athletics section.

Das Gym 2

Das Gym Facilities


Squats, deadlifts and bench press is what the huge powerlifting area here is all about. Members will find everything their powerlifting hearts desire. There are 7, specially imported Elite FTS Triple Racks available meaning they have 21 separate training stations on which the individual can workout alone. Each rack is stocked with 420kg of Eleiko Competition weights ranging from 1.25 to 25kg. There will never be a lack of weights here! Furthermore, each rack is equipped with 3 Eleiko Powerlifting rods – the Ferrari of barbells. That’s a total of 21 barbells.

Das Gym Racks

In addition, Das Gym say they searched the globe to bring in the best and alternative dumbbells available today and they can be found here. The entire rack area is designed with extremely robust, solid rubber mats from Austrian manufacturer Mabomat so even a dropped 500kg isn’t going to cause any problems. And for any weightlifters bench press they only offer the best of the best with 3 fully adjustable Eleiko Competition benches and an Elite FTS Competition bank. Here you will also find Eleiko Competition discs and Eleiko Powerlifting bars. Being one of the world’s best gyms Das Gym provides members the opportunity to train under full competition conditions and with competition equipment!


In the Olympic weightlifting area every ambitious weightlifter (or anyone with weightlifting ambitions) gets his or her’s money’s worth with a full range of Eleiko training equipment and a total of 50 square metres of platform spread over two 8-metre lanes creating optimal conditions for long-term training progress and success.


At Das Gym they say they’ve roamed the world to make sure your hypertrophy is supported to the max! Their bodybuilding section is spread over 2 floors and covering almost 400 square metres of space and offers 2 full sets of Watson Pro dumbbells ranging from 3 to 80kg custom-made for Das Gym in either their “No Bullshit” or “Intelligent Strength” designs. They also boast to being the owners of a very special 150kg dumbbell – the heaviest screwed dumbbell in the world! On top of this they also provide any standard piece of equipment you could ever want in a gym as well as bespoke and unique devices including something they have named the ‘Pit Shark’ for which you will have to visit to discover.

Das Gym Dumbbells


Their strongman training section is complete with loadable tree trunks, a farmer’s walk and atlas stones weighing up to a massive 150kg. There is also a viking press, axle up and husafell stone. Here you will find EVERYTHING that shapes and challenges any strongman.

Das Gym Strongman 2

Grip Strength

Uniquely there is a grip power range here giving Das Gym a special selling point and another factor which sets them apart from other gyms. In this section you can train yourself a monstrous clamp of a grip! For this they have thought of everything, installing sitting and standing stations, an active forearm trainer and wrist-roller. Furthermore, there are 10 pre-loaded weight spins weighing from 5 to 50kg, which can be fitted with various attachments. This truly is where your grip is put to the test!


The Calisthenics rig has everything a body weight trainer could wish for. In 45 square metres you’ll find 3 different pairs of bars as well as decks in different heights and distances apart and the entire area equipped with soft rubber mats, so nothing happens if something happens if you know what I mean. This entire rig is a massive steel construction where even an elephant could practice its upswing without it giving way.


The green area of the gym is a gym in itself and described as ‘extremely hypertrophied’. The artificial turf area alone measures an incredible 250 square metres. On this you can perform any horizontal space based exercise. It is perfect for prowler pushing, walking lunges, sled-pulls and much much more. It’s a space with no lack of opportunities.

Das Gym Atheletics

In addition, there are gymnastic rings, plyoboxes and handstand bars, climbing ropes and peg boards above a 15 square metre soft floor. In the same area there are wall bars and a vertical belly machine. For stretching or core sessions there are plenty of gym mats.

Training Programs and Education

As one of the best gyms in the world Das Gym offers not only personal training but detailed training programs for training construction and planning for both beginners and experts a-like enabling their members to educate themselves with the ability to create their own fitness regimes. They also offer Olympic weightlifting training and online coaching run by some of their expert professional athletes and trainers. There is a gym library with over 600 fitness and bodybuilding literary titles that any member can take advantage of and on top of all that, free monthly seminars on exercise form and execution, training planning and nutrition.


As important as training is taken here, so is nutrition. Inside the gym is a cafe where a carefully crafted menu of food and drinks can be enjoyed. Dishes are created and homemade by “Mama Pürzel”, the mother of Das Gym founders and owners Andreas and Alex Pürzel. The menu is available via their website

Das Gym Motivation and Entertainment Concept

One of the many things that sets Das Gym apart from others is their unique motivation and entertainment concept. Their belief is that the edge an athlete can obtain is not only achieved by great facilities and equipment but through great motivation which is essential for long term training success. Their aim was to create a gym that really attracted people to visit and train in time and time again.

Das Gym Evolution of Training

On the way to the changing rooms the voices of Arnold Schwarzenegger and that of other bodybuilding gods sound to inspire and encourage all who train there. They have immortalised all members who registered at Das Gym before their official opening by including their names on a steel plaque. They display a complete history of weight training that is forever present to enrich your bodybuilding knowledge and the place is packed with motivational posters. In the changing rooms the effort doesn’t stop as music from films such as Rocky, Conan The Barbarian and other classic motivational tunes play. Lockers are not numbered but marked with important fitness and body building aides of all types from diet tips to form techniques.

Das Gym Evolution of Training 2

Whilst almost every gym nowadays will have TV screens fitted as standard, Das Gym has 10 throughout the complex and that includes inside the changing rooms, which continually motivate and entertain in the gym’s inimitable way. At Das Gym however, they go the extra mile with a 10-metre cinema screen overlooking the heart of the gym that can be seen from almost anywhere on which they show their inspirational films and broadcast sports events.

If all this wasn’t enough to convince you Das Gym was a true bodybuilding mecca they of course have an anabolic bubble gum dispenser where you can get your ammonia and creatine capsules in case of emergencies.

Oh, and they have a genuine Terminator endoskeleton!

Visit their website

4 thoughts on “The World’s Best Gyms

  1. Das Gym is my ultimate dream place to train in. I think anyone who is into bodybuilding, power lifting, or strongman should trek to this gym at least once in their life. It’s definitely the Mecca of these sports. I competed in men’s physique in the past and just looking at the motivation hanging from the walls (many of whom are straight-up bodybuilders) I can feel the itch to return to the sport right now, but I have other passions to work on at the moment. Nevertheless, venturing off to Das Gym is going to be on the bucket list.

    1. Hello Todd and thank you for your comment. It is definitely a gym I’d enjoy visiting too and I never realised such a place existed until I wrote this. If you visit, be sure to let me know how it went!. Thanks.

  2. Incredible to see the type of gyms that are out there! Being a bit of a fitness junkie myself this article i found really fascinating. I would love to check out Das Gym one day

    1. Hi Jesse and thank you for your comment. Believe me there are some amazing gyms and I will be writing more posts about others.

      I was equally fascinated researching them myself. I’m very happy you enjoyed the article.

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